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Ted Nelson "has the annoying habit of being right."
                                              - Australian writer Stilgherrian, quoted  in The Register.
"Before the personal computer, and before the Web, there was Theodor Holm Nelson, who almost half a century ago understood how computers would transform the printed page."   --John Markoff in the New York Times, 2009.01.10,  cached as text here.


Theodor Holm Nelson PhD
Erdösz number: 5    Kevin Bacon number: 2    Ted Nelson number 0
To Ted Nelson Pokemon Card (possibly spurious)
Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Chapman University
Founding designer, Project Xanadu
            the first computer hypertext project, 1960
Designer-Generalist, The Internet Archive
Visiting Professor, University of Southampton
"Poet, philosopher and rogue."   A recent poem is hither.

Many think that the World Wide Web was my idea.*  I have mixed feelings about such a claim (see below).

The viral takeoff of my recent video, guessing the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin,has been quite surprising.

The needless death of Aaron Swartz in January 2013 has been hard on everyone.  I like to remember him at the age or 14, when he wanted a picture of Doug Engelbart and me.  We put him in the middle.  He was already a full-fledged delegate to whatever the conference was.
Photo by Eugene Kim

My mother, a well-known actress, died in the summer of 2012.  I was allowed five minutes for my tribute at the memorial.

In May 2012, Marlene Mallicoat and I were married after a long and loving collaboration.  The ceremony was performed by Douglas Engelbart and his wife Karen at Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin Civic Center.

REDISCOVERED AND POLISHED: My computer paradigms as One-Liners.
REDISCOVERED: My 1989 testimony to Senator Al Gore, predicting (alas)  the World Wide Web, though I didn't know it-- I thought I was predicting my own, very different, system.

My recent course at U.C. Santa Cruz, as grandly announced by Bill Dutton.  I will be teaching a very similar course at Chapman University, fall semester 2013.  (Already fullly enrolled.)

Autobiography, POSSIPLEX (excerpts hither), is available in both print and download form at Lulu.com.  VIDEO OF READINGS FROM POSSIPLEX, hither.

History book: my alternative history of the computer world, Geeks Bearing Gifts, is available in print form at Lulu.com.  EXCERPTS FROM GEEKS BEARING GIFTS, hither.

My other writings, work and whatnot, hither.  (Curriculum vitae.)
A FEW OF MY VIDEOS (there are many, mostly posted by others)
Hot viral video arguing that  the creator of Bitcoin is a certain eminent person.

Oxford chats posted by Arthur Bullard (photonhunter)--
        About Pernicious Computer Traditions, hither.
        XanaduSpace® demo, hither.
        Demo of my multidimensional visible database, ZigZag®, hither.
               (See more about it on the ZigZag page.)

My recent YouTube series, Computers for Cynics.

My main videos on YouTube, hither.

Video of readings from POSSIPLEX, hither.

Good summary of my early hypertext work by Tim Berners-Lee, hither (with some corrections by footnote).

Things said about me recently, hither.

What they say about POSSIPLEX, hither.

What they say about Geeks Bearing Gifts, hither.


*See citations of my work in original proposal for the Web, 1989.  (Note that Tim thought he was implementing a "general consensus" of what hypertext should be on the net.)  My own designs for radically different on-line documents go to the nature of writing and interconnection.  The Web simulates paper, locking us to the obsolete, adding blind 1-way jumps to paper simulations.  I fight still for a world of radically different electronic documents, with flying pieces, visible side-by-side connections, connection of content to origins, and unbreaking links.  See Xanadu.com.